Your local cattery in Sheffield

If you are looking for a cattery with excellent facilities, visit Roslyn Mews Cattery, your local cattery in Sheffield.

The cattery that makes your pet feel at home in Sheffield

We make your cat feel as at home as possible. We achieve this by feeding them their preferred foods and making sure they get all their personal toys and belongings. We also keep them socialising with other cats and let them get regular exercise.

Cattery facilities:

  • 24-hour heating
  • Individual heated chalets
  • Bedding
  • Food
  • Outside exercise runs
  • Woodland garden
  • Medicines administered at no extra charge (including diabetic care / injections)

The cat’s whiskers!

I’ve been a customer of Roslyn Mews for 10 years, using them 2 or 3 times every year, and can’t recommend them highly enough. Set in beautiful garden surroundings, the pens are in several small blocks (or mews!!) set around the garden. The cosy pens have heating and provide the cats with individual, safe outside exercise space, where they can sit and enjoy the lovely garden view or check out their fellow residents from a safe distance!

Nothing is too much trouble and every special need or requirement is catered for without question. Most important for me, is that the staff really care about the cats in their care – its clear it isn’t just a job for them and they do go ‘over and above’. They take time to get to know your cat and interact with them daily, whether its a gentle groom, a play, a few cuddles, or a chat! Its so great and reassuring to know I can go away, confident my best buddy is safe and getting the best of care. Got to be one of the best catteries in the area!


Cat foods supplied to suit your pet include:

  • Science Plan
  • Whiskas
  • Felix
  • Royal Canin
  • Eukanuba
  • Purina

Cats Protection league

We actively support the Cats Protection league, this is a cause which is close to our hearts here.

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